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Meet Our Staff



Keith Windmiller

Pastor Keith has led our fellowship for the past seven years. He and wife Lori are parents of Reid, Tori, and David, all of whom are excelling in their own right as young adult.  Keith is passionate about teaching and preaching the truths of the word and building a family of believers who are equipped to serve their community and the world, reflecting the love of Christ Jesus in all their efforts. 

Tel: 401-307-1749


Administrative Assistant

Alice Holland

Alice has served this body for six years, following a career as a public school teacher and missionary of the North American Mission Board alongside her husband Tim.  They were parents of Caleb and Joshua, both fine young men.  In this chapter of her life, Alice is excited to be able to serve a church whose ministry and mission values are the same as her own. 

Tel: 401-307-1749


Children's Director

Stephanie Harrington

Even though Stephanie and her family have been a part of our fellowship for a long time, she accepted her role as Children's Ministry Director in January 2022.  Stephanie has a heart for growing our young ones in God's word and we are so glad she is a part of our ministry staff! 

Tel: 401-307-1749


Pianist, Accompanist

Cynthia Brooks

Cynthia has been a minister of the gospel for over 25 years.  Her heart is for the Lord and His people and her expression of that heart is through her music.  She joined the staff at NUMC in July 2022 and she is already an integral part of both worship teams, bringing her authentic spirit of worship with her. 

Tel: 401-307-1749


Praise Worship Leader

James Ditty

James has led worship in our 9:00am Contemporary Worship Service for three years and we love his gracious leadership style, his musical talent, and his love for the Lord.  When he is not planning worship or hanging out with his family, he is playing a "mean" country music set or teaching language arts to middle schoolers. 

Tel: 401-307-1749


Youth Director

Deanna Ditty

Deanna is new to youth ministry at NUMC, but not new to the work of the church.  She grew up in church and her mother who was a church choir director.  Deanna is a vocalist with our Praise Team and corrals a growing group of middle and high school students, teaching them the truths of God's words and how being a follower of Christ should look in their young lives. 

Tel: 401-307-1749

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