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The Domino Effect:  A Sermon Series on Colossians

Most of us want our lives to make a difference for the better. Most Christians want their church to make a difference in their community. Yet we often feel like our lives have little to no impact, as well as our churches, outside of our immediate family and friends. What if we understood the our lives and our church as a domino that can impact a larger domino and so on? That is the life, the church, that Jesus envisioned for his people.

When Jesus invited disciples to follow him it resulted in one life tipping into another life which tipped into a family, which tipped into a village and a town and a countryside and a region.


This series will look at the tipping points of our faith that have the potential to topple things far bigger than their size. These ‘dominoes’  have the potential to impact your life, and the life of a congregation and beyond. Join us each Sunday, beginning on April 24 as we begin the sermon series.


As a supplement to the weekly sermons, J.D. Walt of Seedbed will send a daily devotional on the Domino Effect beginning April 19. To sign up for Walt’s Daily Text go to